Train with a World Champion!

A Five Day Camp with 1971 Champion Stellan Bengtsson

Learn from the same coach that has helped Waldner and Persson.
Click here to learn more about Stellan's achievements as a player and coach.

Assisted by 10-time US National Champion, Angelita Rosal Bengtsson.

This camp has simultaneous upper (1600-2200) and lower (1100-1600) divisions.

Improve your technique.

xxxxLearn new strategies, get advice on your needs.

xxxxxxxxPracitce with partners just as dedicated as you.

Play better and have more fun!

Daily training schedule is 3 hours each morning and 3 hours each afternoon, with a 2 1/2 hour lunch break. The playing facility is available at all other hours at no extra charge. Affordable hotels area available nearby, or sleep on the club floor (bring your own sleeping bag) at $10 per night.

Featuring Nittaku 3-star balls provided by Paddle Palace. Stellan is now sponsored by JUIC and Paddle Palace.
Where: Willamette Table Tennis Club
1960 Oak St. SE in Salem, Oregon
When: Saturday, March 22, 2014 through Wednesday, March 26, 2014
Fee: $500
Application: Limited to first 14 applicants, prepayment required.
Open: Camp will operate with two divisions:
Upper Division for those rated 1600-2200.
Lower Division for those rated 1100-1600.
Information: Contact Ben at 503-851-2941 (cell) or at
Home Page:
Stellan with 1991 World Champion Jorgen Persson.

Important News!

Stellan suffered a medical condition in his eye during the Fall of 2013. At this point, his doctor has approved him to go ahead with our training camp and we fully expect to see him here, doing his usual wonderful job. However, it is always possible that something could happen to his eye before March. For this reason, we recommend that participants who are flying to the camp also purchase flight insurance.

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Special discount for those over 1900!
First time participants only: rated over 1900, take off $50
from your fee. Total price is only $450.